Roundtable Summary Template

The fourth industrial revolution has not only created new opportunities for economy but has also raised the challenges that Europe and the world faces today. Thus, Vocational education and training (VET) can play a crucial role in tackling many of those pressing challenges, such as competitiveness, youth unemployment and social inclusion. Educating students to take initiative and investigate the opportunities of their networks themselves, rather than waiting for others to take the initiative, will increase employability. SWIRL addresses this need by the key focus on Student Initiated Company Assignments. In addition, SWIRL turns the personal network of young people info a professional one. The aim of working on concrete and real-life company assignments is knowledge generation and valorisation. All steps in the process will be undertaken by students (student initiated) and guided and coordinated by VET college teachers. The fact that the student initiates the company assignment collection and is responsible as of the very first stage of the programme ensures ownership of the assignment and commitment to high quality execution of the case study. SWIRL is primarily aimed students in vocational colleges. Student from all fields of education will participate in the SWIRL programme, creating a cross-sector approach and allowing students from different backgrounds to learn from each other.

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